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MakeModel Ch.SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ITT ITT 3362 Pico 2/ST3
Tv dies after running for a few secondsReplace 4.7uF capacitor in the switching power supply unit!
Crown CT 2011
Crackling audioCheck for failure of IC101 KA2914A TA7680AP equiv
Ferguson T14R TX805
Dead, no standby ledRP41 65k ohms was o/c
Multitech VP-1600
Black screen on playback, no test signalResolder and clean test switch
Sharp CV2123 CS
Field fault / general modificationAdd a 1N4148 diode from the emitter of Q509 to cathode of D513 cathode to emitter of Q509, Pt No. RH-DX0045BMZZ, change R534 to 390ohms Pt No. VRS-TV1JD391J and add a fuse in series with L607 and L608 Pt No. QFS-J1023CEZZ
Hitachi C2117T
Goes straight to standby, after a quick burst of powerReplaced R952 39K, had gone slightly high
Sony KV32S10
Relay clicks continuously at switch onReplace Flyback
Sony KVM2511 AE1
Can not switch on the set, supply okSuspect L807 of o/c Pt no. 140750400 also check R008 and C017
Hitachi C2566
Severe field cramp at bottom of the picture, but very stretched picture at the topC608 4.7uF, 63v. in field stage o/c
Philips L6 Series
Vertical lines are not straight when picture is very bright or has white text contentReplace resistor 3420 in the beam current circuit 12k or 15k replaced with an 18k
Toshiba 2857DB C5SS
Blue screen, no sound ok on scart or snow on screen, no sound, no service mode and menu text fluctuates, channels can not be tunedThe tuner was faulty
Grundig GV400 / GV440
Display shows "locked" sometimes Timer is blinkingCassette loading is at fault, replace loading gear complete
Telefunken S5400DMD ICC10
At switch on the Led Blinks 3 times, supply tries to come up with a Tick-Tick sound. After trying 4 times to come up it goes to error standby with Led blinking very fast. Error code 3Make sure primary side of power supply is ok by desoldering jumper JL26, connect Pin 3 of IL01 protection to pin 4 ground. Bypass DP127. Put 100W/230V lamp on usys. Turn on the set the lamp should glow and pot PP120 should regulate it. I found CL007, CL015 and TL003 shorted
Daewoo Video Combi Model: GB14F7T1
Smoke came out of vents, then shut downSmall pin hole in line output transformer type FSA36012M
Grundig M70-1690 CUC6369
Dead, SI621 1.6amp blown apartReplace SI621 1.6A, SI601 2.5A, D620 B380 C2000/1500 REC, T644 IRFBC40 mosfet, IC631 TDA4605-3, C633 100uF,25v, this was caused by dry joints on C648
Sanyo CE28WN4B
Procedure to disable protection mode for fault findingThe protection mode can temporarily be disabled to prevent the set going into standby during fault finding by disconnecting R648 note: safety procedures must be followed !!
Goodmans W322NS
Procedure to enter sevice modeSwitch off tv, hold in VOL+ button on tv and STANDBY button on remote, switch back on at mains switch then release buttons, set will then come on in service mode.Adjust with PROG. + - and VOL + - store with yellow button
Toshiba V709B Samsung
Very slow rewind / fast forwardCenter Gear assy u/s, cracks and drags on , same will apply to Samsung and some Sony machines etc
Ferguson TX92
After replacing the line output TX the set still appears to be trippingTry switching the set on with the remote control. The micro seems to remember the tripping state, the remote control re-setting it
Jvc HRD720
Noise bar in playback, looks like error in the guides adjustmentThe problem is the 3.3uf capacitor in the drum motor. This generates Pg signal errors. Replace it and give me a smile !