20PT1582 59A Brand, Model, Chassis

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20PT1582 59A

Model to Chassis 20PT1582 59A

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 20PT1582/67R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/59R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/59A L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/75R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/59C L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/73R L9.2A AA
PHILIPS 20PT1582 L9.2A
Philips 20PT1582 L9.2A
Philips 20PT1582 L9.2A
Samsung SP43R2HEX J59A(P)
Samsung PS50P3HX/XTT D59A(P)
Samsung PS50A566S2MXZF F59A(P_Euro)_Spinel
Samsung PS42A426C1MXZF F59A(P_Euro)_Carnelian
Samsung PS42A410C1DXXY F59A(P_Asia)_Carnelian
Samsung LE52A756R1M N59A
Samsung LE52A676A N59A
Samsung LE52A566P1MXZF N59A
Samsung LE46A756R1M N59A
Samsung LE46A676A N59A
Samsung LE46A566P1MXZF N59A
Samsung LE40A756R1M N59A
Samsung LE40A676A N59A

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
PHILIPS 20PT1582 TV DUMP PHILIPS <span class="red">20PT1582</span>
PSILIPS 20PT1582 TV DUMP PSILIPS <span class="red">20PT1582</span>
PHILIPS 20PT1582-67R TV DUMP PHILIPS <span class="red">20PT1582</span>-67R
05TA059A Repair Schematic 05TA0<span class="red">59A</span>
BN44-01059A L65E7N-THS Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics BN44-010<span class="red">59A</span> L65E7N-THS
Samsung BN44-00359A Esquema Samsung BN44-003<span class="red">59A</span>
Altec459A Schematic Diagrams, Repair Guides Altec4<span class="red">59A</span>
Geloso Super G59A Schematic Diagrams, Repair Guides Geloso Super G<span class="red">59A</span>
Phonola 559A Schematic Diagrams, Repair Guides Phonola 5<span class="red">59A</span>
Phonola 559A components Schematic Diagrams, Repair Guides Phonola 5<span class="red">59A</span> components
Hisense RSAG7.820.7924 MT5659AUHT Schema Hisense RSAG7.820.7924 MT56<span class="red">59A</span>UHT
APPLE 820-1599 (project Q59A) Repair guide, schematics APPLE 820-1599 (project Q<span class="red">59A</span>)
Altec Lansing 359A Repair Diagram Altec Lansing 3<span class="red">59A</span>
Altec Lansing 359A-mplx Repair Diagram Altec Lansing 3<span class="red">59A</span>-mplx
Altec Lansing 459A I Repair Diagram Altec Lansing 4<span class="red">59A</span> I
Altec Lansing 459A- Repair Diagram Altec Lansing 4<span class="red">59A</span>-
CHINA CE-5431TA8659AN, M34300M4 Schematics, Repair Guides CHINA CE-5431TA86<span class="red">59A</span>N, M34300M4
LG 21FX6RB (chassis MC-059A) TV DUMP LG 21FX6RB (chassis MC-0<span class="red">59A</span>)
LG 21FX4RG chassis MC059A TV DUMP LG 21FX4RG chassis MC0<span class="red">59A</span>
LG(chassis MC-059AB) 15FC2RB TV DUMP LG(chassis MC-0<span class="red">59A</span>B) 15FC2RB
XOCECO XT-259A TV DUMP XOCECO XT-2<span class="red">59A</span>
PHILIPS 21PT2012-59A TV DUMP PHILIPS 21PT2012-<span class="red">59A</span>
ENIE 24 chassis MC-059A TV DUMP ENIE 24 chassis MC-0<span class="red">59A</span>