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Model to Chassis SANYO

Brand Model Chassis
Sanyo XT-24S7000F TP.V56.PB759
Sanyo XT-43A081U MT5658
Sanyo AVM-1307 G6C-13070
Sanyo LCD-42XH3 UH1-L
Sanyo LCD-37XH3 UH1-L
Sanyo LCD-32XH3 UH1-L
Sanyo LCD-47XF5 UH3-M
Sanyo CP21SE1K-20 AC8-A
Sanyo CP21SE1K-10 AC8-A
Sanyo CT21KS2 FC8-A
Sanyo LCD-37CA5 UH1-C
Sanyo C14MD2A 11AK36
Sanyo CE20LM5 UK6-A
Sanyo CE15LM5 UK6-A
Sanyo CE20LM4-B UK1-A

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
SANYO GXT-4545K Schematic Diagram <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT-4545K
SANYO 10-T110 Esquema <span class="red">SANYO</span> 10-T110
SANYO RP1390 SANYO RP1390 Portable Radio Japan <span class="red">SANYO</span> RP1390
SANYO RP1270 SANYO RP1270 Portable Radio Japan <span class="red">SANYO</span> RP1270
SANYO GXT 310 Repair Schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT 310
SANYO GXT-4580UM Repair Schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT-4580UM
SANYO GXT 410 Repair Schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT 410
SANYO GXT 727 Repair Schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT 727
SANYO GXT 4515xk Repair Schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT 4515xk
SANYO GTX 255 SANYO GXT 255 Service manual <span class="red">SANYO</span> GTX 255
SANYO GXT-4580, G-6001 O esquema dá para os dois modelos. <span class="red">SANYO</span> GXT-4580,  G-6001
SANYO RD-5035 a Cassette tape deck <span class="red">SANYO</span> RD-5035 a
SANYO M2564F Radio Cassette Recorder <span class="red">SANYO</span> M2564F
SANYO M2560 Radio Cassette Recorder <span class="red">SANYO</span> M2560
SANYO M2801L Cassette Recorder. Electrical Diagram <span class="red">SANYO</span> M2801L
SANYO CTP6704, CTP6705, CTP6706 Manual de serviço <span class="red">SANYO</span> CTP6704, CTP6705, CTP6706
SANYO 969CDL Repair guide - schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> 969CDL
SANYO MR411 Repair guide - schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> MR411
SANYO M741D Repair guide - schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> M741D
SANYO RP5115U Repair guide - schematics <span class="red">SANYO</span> RP5115U