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Model to Chassis SHARP

Brand Model Chassis
Sharp LC-48CFE4042E MS3463S.711X
Sharp LC-49CFG4042E MS3463S.711X
Sharp LC-49CFE4042E MS3463S.711X
Sharp LC-49CFE4041E MS3463S.711X
Sharp SH5520KUHD MT5658GCEJ
Sharp SH5020KUHD MT5658GCEJ
Sharp CX51N4 GA-1
Sharp CX51N3 GA-1
Sharp 21V-FK200M GA-7S
Sharp 21V-FS700S GA-7S
Sharp 29V-FT95S GB-5
Sharp 29V-FT450S GB-5
Sharp 14V-L70M GA-1
Sharp 32K-X1000 SN-83

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
SHARP FV-610GB Service Manual SHARP FV-610GB, SHARP FV-610GG <span class="red">SHARP</span> FV-610GB
SHARP LC-32LE240M, LC-32LE340M LCD Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-32LE240M, LC-32LE340M
SHARP 4T-C60AH1X, 4T-C70AH1X LED Backlight TV Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> 4T-C60AH1X, 4T-C70AH1X
SHARP R3V51 SHARP R3V51 MICROWAVE - SERVICE MANUAL ( Eng ) <span class="red">SHARP</span> R3V51
SHARP R3A51 Service manual (De) <span class="red">SHARP</span> R3A51
SHARP Tape Deck RT-31, RT-31H e RT-31HB Esquema do Tape Deck SHARP RT-31 <span class="red">SHARP</span> Tape Deck RT-31, RT-31H e RT-31HB
MIP550D-190V300 mip550d-190v300 Schematic Power supply, Tv, use in Blaupunkt, SHARP , etc Megmeet MIP550d-DX2 SHARP PW.168W2.801 LC-48CFE4042e LC-49CFE4042e LC-49CFE4041e MIP550D-190V300
SHARP LC-32CHE5111E SHARP LC-32CHE5111E Service manual LC-32CHE5111E/K/KW LC-32CHE5112E/EW LC-32CHE6131K LC-32CHE6132E LC-32CHF5111K LC-32CFE6132E LC-32CHE5221E LC-32CHE6242E LC-32CFE6... <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-32CHE5111E
SHARP LC-32DH57E-BK LCD COLOUR TV <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-32DH57E-BK
SHARP C-1430, C-1490CR, C-1630, C-1690CR, C-2030, C-2090CR Manual de servi├žo completo <span class="red">SHARP</span> C-1430, C-1490CR, C-1630, C-1690CR, C-2030, C-2090CR
SHARP LC-40FI5012E SHARP Tv Service Manual. Wiring no schematics. LC-32HI5012E, LC-32HI5012KF LC-32HI5122E LC-32HI5232E, LC-32HI5232K/KF/EW/KFW LC-32HI5332E, LC-32HI5332K/KF LC-32HI5432E, LC... <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-40FI5012E
SHARP LC-52SE94, LC-52SE941, LC-65SE94 Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-52SE94, LC-52SE941, LC-65SE94
SHARP LC-46D92U, LC-52D92U Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-46D92U, LC-52D92U
SHARP PRO-60X5FD, PRO-70X5FD ELITE Training Guide Training Guide <span class="red">SHARP</span> PRO-60X5FD, PRO-70X5FD ELITE Training Guide
SHARP LC-43CUF8472ES Service Manual. LC-43CUF8472ES LC-43CUG8461KS LC-43CUG8462KS LC-49CUG8052E LC-49CUG8062E LC-49CUG8362KS LC-49CUF8372ES LC-49CUF8472ES LC-49CUG8462KS LC-55CUG8052E LC-... <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-43CUF8472ES
715G6635-P01-000-0030 SHARP Power Supply SHARP LC-46LD265RU (Panel TPT460H1-HN04) LC-42LD265RU (Panel TPT420H2-HVN06) Components: A6069H, SSC9522S, LD7591T, CAP004DG, OZ9902CGN 715G6635-P01-000-0030 <span class="red">SHARP</span>
SHARP DUNTKG764FM01 PSU Fuente de aliment. IC7001: NCP1251B IC7801: TPS61197 <span class="red">SHARP</span> DUNTKG764FM01 PSU
SHARP LC-32BD5T, LC-37BD5T LCD TV Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-32BD5T, LC-37BD5T
SHARP LC-32BX5X, LC-37BX5H Repair Diagrams <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-32BX5X, LC-37BX5H
SHARP LC-19LE430E, LC-22LE430E, LC-26LE430E, LC-32LE430E LED Colour TV Service Manual <span class="red">SHARP</span> LC-19LE430E, LC-22LE430E, LC-26LE430E, LC-32LE430E