20PT2882 71R Brand, Model, Chassis

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20PT2882 71R

Model to Chassis 20PT2882 71R

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 20PT2882/65R L7.2A AA
Philips 20PT2882/67R L7.2A AA
Philips 20PT2882/97R L7.2A AA
Philips 20PT2882/57R L7.2A AA
Philips 20PT2882/71R L7.2A AA
PHILIPS 20PT2882 L7.1A
Philips 20PT2882 L7.2A
Philips 24PW463A/71R MD1.0A AA
Philips 28PW463A/71R MD1.0A AA
Philips 29PT463A/71R MD1.0A AA
Philips 25HT4672/71R L9H.1A AA
Philips 21PT1582/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 21PT1532/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT1582/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 21PT3882/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT3882/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 21PT3732/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 20PT3782/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 14PT3782/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 21PT3782/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 14PT1582/71R L9.2A AA
Philips 29PT4922/71R L9.1A AA

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
TCL L32M71R Repair Schematics TCL L32M<span class="red">71R</span>
SHUTTLE A14RV08 - 71R-A14RV4-T840 - REV A0 10ABR2012 SHUTTLE A14RV08  - <span class="red">71R</span>-A14RV4-T840 - REV A0 10ABR2012
SHUTTLE B1XIEXX B10IE01 - 71R-B10IE0-XXA0 - REV A 66R-B10IE1-002BRI [ComunidadeTecnica.com.br] SHUTTLE B1XIEXX B10IE01 - <span class="red">71R</span>-B10IE0-XXA0 - REV A  66R-B10IE1-002BRI [ComunidadeTecnica.com.br]
SHUTTLE A14IMXX-A14IM01-71R A14IM0-T810-V1-0 DDR3-X1 REV. A SHUTTLE A14IMXX-A14IM01-<span class="red">71R</span> A14IM0-T810-V1-0 DDR3-X1 REV. A
SHUTTLE B11IE11 B1XIEXX 71R-B10IE0-T8A0 REV A SHUTTLE B11IE11 B1XIEXX <span class="red">71R</span>-B10IE0-T8A0 REV A
SHUTTLE B1XIVXX 71R-B1OIV0-9HAX - REV B SHUTTLE B1XIVXX <span class="red">71R</span>-B1OIV0-9HAX - REV B
SHUTTLE 71R-A14HV6-T810 A14HV02 REV. A SHUTTLE <span class="red">71R</span>-A14HV6-T810 A14HV02 REV. A
SHUTTLE H14BT 71R-H14BT4-T8B1 REV C SHUTTLE H14BT <span class="red">71R</span>-H14BT4-T8B1 REV C
SHUTTLE 71R-C14CU4-T810 C14CU51 SHUTTLE <span class="red">71R</span>-C14CU4-T810 C14CU51
SHUTTLE 71R-H14BT4-T830 - H14BT01-4L SHUTTLE <span class="red">71R</span>-H14BT4-T830 - H14BT01-4L
SHUTTLE J14IM2X DDR3 - 71R-J14 SHUTTLE J14IM2X DDR3 - <span class="red">71R</span>-J14
SHUTTLE 71R-J14 V10 DDR3 - REV A SHUTTLE <span class="red">71R</span>-J14 V10 DDR3 - REV A
SHUTTLE A14RV0X A14RV08 - 71R-A14RV4-T840 - REV A0 SHUTTLE A14RV0X  A14RV08  - <span class="red">71R</span>-A14RV4-T840 - REV A0
Panasonic TNPA4221AL PSU Power supply for Panasonic TH-42PV70C. IC401 CNC1S171R IC403 CNC1S171R IC406 C0DBZZZ00082 IC408 PS2581AL2 IC409 MIP3E30MPSCF IC411 MP2B6120 IC412 CNC1S171R IC501 C2ABDB0... Panasonic TNPA4221AL PSU
71R-H14BT4-T830 MotherBoard Schematic Schematic Diagram <span class="red">71R</span>-H14BT4-T830 MotherBoard Schematic
CCE SHUTTLE A14IMXX A14IM01 - 71R-A14IM0-T810 - V1.0 DDR3 X1 - REV A Repair Diagram CCE SHUTTLE A14IMXX A14IM01 - <span class="red">71R</span>-A14IM0-T810 - V1.0 DDR3 X1 - REV A
CCE 71R-A14HMO-9H10 A14HM0-AB10 Repair Diagram CCE <span class="red">71R</span>-A14HMO-9H10 A14HM0-AB10
STI 71R-A14HV6-T840 Repair Diagram STI <span class="red">71R</span>-A14HV6-T840
STI 71R-A14HV6-T821 REV.A Repair Diagram STI <span class="red">71R</span>-A14HV6-T821 REV.A
JVC KD-S73R KD-S71R Manual de Partes JVC KD-S73R KD-S<span class="red">71R</span> Manual de Partes