29PT4973 56A Brand, Model, Chassis

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29PT4973 56A

Model to Chassis 29PT4973 56A

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 29PT4973/69R L9.1A AA
Philips 29PT4973/67R L9.1A AA
Philips 29PT4973/68R L9.1A AA
Philips 29PT4973/57R L9.1A AA
Philips 29PT4973/56A L9.1A AA
Philips 29PT4973/79R L9.1A AA
PHILIPS 29PT4973 L9.1A
Philips 29PT4973 L9.1A
LG 49LF513A LB56A
LG 43LF513A LB56A
LG 43LF510A LB56A
LG 49LF510A LB56A
Samsung LE46D550K U56A
Samsung CS-25K10MQQ S60A S56A
Continental CTV-2156A MC97A
Sony KDL-32W656A RB1G
Sony KDL-42W656A RB1G
Samsung HPN5039X/XAA D56A(N)
Samsung LE46D58*K*K U56A
Samsung LE46D57*K*S U56A
Samsung LE46D55*K*W U56A
Samsung LE40D58*K*K U56A

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
Samsung BN44-00056A Power Supply Samsung BN44-000<span class="red">56A</span>
BN44-00947A-B, BN44-952A-B, BN44-00956A L40E6-NDY Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics BN44-00947A-B, BN44-952A-B, BN44-009<span class="red">56A</span> L40E6-NDY
BN44-00956A L43E5-NDY Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics BN44-009<span class="red">56A</span> L43E5-NDY
BN44-00856A L50MSF-FDY Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics BN44-008<span class="red">56A</span> L50MSF-FDY
Sony KDL-42W650A Chassis RB1G-LW Service Manual. KDL-32W600A, KDL-32W654A, KDL-42W650A, KDL-42W656A, KDL-32W603A, KDL-32W655A, KDL-42W651A, KDL-42W657A, KDL-32W605A, KDL-32W656A, KDL-42W653A, KDL-42W658A, KD... Sony KDL-42W650A Chassis RB1G-LW
Marconi 1756 variant 1756A Schematic Diagrams, Repair Guides Marconi 1756 variant 17<span class="red">56A</span>
RCA VME11, VME12 Chassis RS-256A Amplifier RCA VME11, VME12 Chassis RS-2<span class="red">56A</span> Amplifier
Altec Lansing 1556A Repair Diagram Altec Lansing 15<span class="red">56A</span>
RCA Victor 7TRC1 RS 156A Electrical diagram RCA Victor 7TRC1 RS 1<span class="red">56A</span>
LG 43LF513A, 49LF513A-TA Chassis LB56A LED TV Service Manual LG 43LF513A, 49LF513A-TA Chassis LB<span class="red">56A</span>
LG 43LF510A, 49LF510A-TA Chassis LB56A LED TV Service Manual LG 43LF510A, 49LF510A-TA Chassis LB<span class="red">56A</span>
LC863528C-56A6 LA76818A TV DUMP LC863528C-<span class="red">56A</span>6 LA76818A
CONROWA TN-2956AE TV DUMP CONROWA TN-29<span class="red">56A</span>E
HIGH ROAD TN-2956AE TV DUMP HIGH ROAD TN-29<span class="red">56A</span>E
XOCECO XT-256ATJ TV DUMP XOCECO XT-2<span class="red">56A</span>TJ
Philips 256A Electrical Repair Diagrams Philips 2<span class="red">56A</span>
Philips 656A Electrical Repair Diagrams Philips 6<span class="red">56A</span>
Philips 556A Electrical Repair Diagrams Philips 5<span class="red">56A</span>
Philips PM8956A Service Manual Repair Guide Philips PM89<span class="red">56A</span>
Philips 456A components Schematics Philips 4<span class="red">56A</span> components