29PT8890 56H Brand, Model, Chassis

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29PT8890 56H

Model to Chassis 29PT8890 56H

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 29PT8890/68R MD1.1A BA
Philips 29PT8890/56H MD1.1A BA
Philips 29PT8890/56R MD1.1A BA
Philips 29PT8890/69R MD1.1A BA
Philips 29PT8890 MD1.1A
Philips 58PFL9956H/12 Q551.2E
Philips 50PFL7956H/12 Q551.2E
Philips 47PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-6
Philips 47PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-6
Philips 42PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-6
Philips 42PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-6
Philips 47PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-5
Philips 47PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-5
Philips 42PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-5
Philips 42PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-5
Philips 47PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-4
Philips 47PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-4
Philips 42PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-4
Philips 42PFL7456H/12 Q552.2E LA-4
Philips 47PFL7656H/12 Q552.2E LA-3

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
SAMSUNG UA32D4003B, UA22D5003BR CHASSIS U56H, U57G Service Manual SAMSUNG UA32D4003B, UA22D5003BR CHASSIS U<span class="red">56H</span>, U57G
Toshiba 56HM195, 62HM195, 72HM195 Projection Television Service Manual Toshiba <span class="red">56H</span>M195, 62HM195, 72HM195
TOSHIBA 56HM66 SVM Projection TV service manual TOSHIBA <span class="red">56H</span>M66 SVM
Panasonic TC-29P10N, TC-33P10N chasis:LX1 Panasonic TC29P10N, TC33P10N chasis:LX1 Components: AN5179K, AN5308NK, TDA6103Q, LA7845N, UPC358C, STRF6628, CXA1315P, AN5422K, CXA1534S, TA8256H... Panasonic TC-29P10N, TC-33P10N chasis:LX1
Panasonic PT-51HX41 chassis AP820 Panasonic Service Manual PT-51HX41E AP820 PT-51HX41CE AP820 PT-56HX41E AP820 PT-56HX41CE AP820 PT-61HX41E AP820 PT-61HX41CE AP820 Panasonic PT-51HX41 chassis AP820
Toshiba 56H80, 40H80 Toshiba <span class="red">56H</span>80, 40H80
Toshiba 40H80, 56H80 Toshiba 40H80, <span class="red">56H</span>80
DAEWOO HDTV DSC-34W70N chassis SC-120 DAEWOO HDTV Service Manual Components: UPD64082GF, IS41C16256-35K, MSP34X0GN, DPL3519A-QA, VPC3230D, SDA9410-B3, CXA2101AQ, HC4538SJ, CXA1315M, Z86... DAEWOO HDTV DSC-34W70N chassis SC-120
DAEWOO DIGITAL HDTV - DSC-30W60N Chassis SC-110 DAEWOO DIGITAL HDTV Service Manual Components: TA8256H, MSP3438G, FFA65023L, HOT 2SK1489, STR-S6709, TDA6111Q, UPD64082, IC41C16256, TDA7317, L... DAEWOO DIGITAL HDTV - DSC-30W60N  Chassis SC-110