XBR-65X805G Brand, Model, Chassis

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Model to Chassis XBR-65X805G

Brand Model Chassis
Sony XBR-65X805G GN5TR-SN

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Title Description Download
Sony XBR-43X800G Chassis GN5TR Sony GN5TR segment SN. XBR-43X800G, XBR-49X800G, XBR-49X805G, XBR-49X807G, XBR-55X800G, XBR-55X805G, XBR-55X807G, XBR-65X800G, XBR-65X805G, XBR-65X807G, XBR-75X800G, XBR-75X805... Sony XBR-43X800G Chassis GN5TR