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Aiwa VXT1400When switching to STBY raster remains and buzz noise is heared from the speakersCause: +B voltage 103 V does not switch-off. Remedy: Replace defective C541
AIWACX-NS 559LHApenas led Std by acesoQ103 aberto 2SA1235
AiwaVXT1450KField collapseFR812 3R9 1w fusible o/c - no other fault found
AiwaVXT1420KSt/by onlyLOPTr leaky
AiwaVXT1420kDeadStart up Res R502 1M & R503 820k
AiwaVXT1410KPoor start up from cold, patterningC522 2µ 50v, C523 100µ 50v
AiwaVXT1410St/by onlyDry joints power/stby key
AiwaVXT1400KERRed weak in picReplace C905, 7 & 9 1µ 50v in RGB drives
AiwaVXT1010KNo cold start upC524 47µ 10v
AiwaVXT1010KInt sw onReplace STK73907, C514 0µ082 pulse cap, Q501 2SK212, Q510 2SC1815. Change R520 to 68k & C524 to 220µ
AiwaVXT1010KDead - goes into st/byR515 3M3 , C517 C526 470uF 10v , C524 47uF 63v
AiwaVXT1000MkIISound no picture.Replace IC4(STK7348) and C88(3n3 1kv).
AiwaVXT1000Mk2No pic sound okC88 3n3 1kv burnt
AiwaVXT1000Mk2Dead TV sect - vcr sect okC88 0.0033µ 1kv burnt; STK7348 psu chip s/c; R109 3R9 7w o/c
AiwaVXT1000Mk2DeadSTK7348 psu chip & C88 0.0033pf 2kv