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SonyKDL-32F2010No Sound, no pictureInverter fault
Sony3in1 HMK353-B5InoperativeC913 and C914
SonyReceiver STR-11bSLow Signal FMTR01 (2SK61 - FET)
SonyKV2158InoperativeQ601, Q602 and R607
SONYKV-K25MF1Does not receive external audio. VIDIMAGIC6 s video.IC201. IC 816 (SN8
SONYKV-9PT40UnbootablePTH601. (Varistor shorted)
SONYKV-8AD10Intermittent soundIC201.
SONYKV-4000Lines delay.R713 of 3.9M open.
SonyKV2158InoperativeQ601, Q602 and R607
SonyAE-1C ChassisLack of color after some time.Failure CT302Replace CT302 and the X302
SonyAE-1B, 1C AE-ChassisIntermittent absence of color.Failure of CT302 in plate B1 oo CT332 on the board B.Replace condenser setting CT302 / 332 for a fixed ceramic capacitor of 15pF.
Sony KV32S10Relay clicks continuously at switch onReplace Flyback
Sony KVM2511 AE1 Can not switch on the set, supply okSuspect L807 of o/c Pt no. 140750400 also check R008 and C017
Sony KV27EXR25No raster, the set will click on but no high voltageReplaced IC651 on the power board type STRS6301 Note: Use an original STRS6301, not an STRS6301A unless the 6301A comes from SONY This part does run very hot
Sony KVA2542Fault not limited to this model. Turning itself to standby, mostly when warm. Flashing error code on LED's.Dry joint on IC TDA8179 under metal shield. May need replacing with STV9379. May also need to alter picture geometry settings HSIZE, HPOS, VSIZE, VPOS in service menu