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LGStudioWorks 55iRed imageWelding cold on the video board
LGStudioWorks 440siDead, blinking ledsFlyback
LG1470No picture after switching flyback. High voltage OKCheck C723, R742, R723 and Q711
LG1470Dead. Green LED lightsFlyback
LG1470Dead. Flyback and three horiz output OKCheck R912 and R913
LG1470Very large imageCheck Q709 and D708
LG1470Image is unstable after switching flybackReverse the wires that run flyback and go up to the power supply
Lg CI29H40 PC8KA There was a bright white screen with flyback lines on this set. The A1 adjustment had very little effectI found that IC901 TDA6108JF on the tube base was faulty, pin 7 blue o/p and pin 8 green o/p both read s/c to ground. Note: this chip was probably taken out due to the tube flashing over as in my case
Lg CZ-20E60 11.1 Stuck in standby with no line driveR410 o/c
Lg CF-28A50T PC-58A Flyback lines on picCheck resistor R351 in front of TDA8350Q. It should be 3.6 K. I replaced with 3.8 K and it worked fine. Additionaly check: R708, FR704, FR359, Q351, Q345. If fault persists try replacing the TDA8350Q
LGRP-14CB20ASem audioR624 - 22K
LGVariousModifying R/C to access service modesThere is a service remote availiable but if you have a remote which uses an SAA3010T IC , simply connect a tact switch between pins 1 & 11 to access the service mode .
LGLV710Wont tune - "SAFE" displayedSus EEPROM
LGKE14U73 CombiSwirling lines & static pops on picpoor earthing of the deck to the screen large VCR screening can
LGKE14U73St/by onlyHT present but no 8v supply to IC500 jungle chip pin 37. D850 in psu leaky