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SharpC 2025Adead.Traded C 626, R 618, R 619, worked but the image was bending, left and right and were also exchanged the C 710 capacitors, C 721, Cap 450V 22mf replaced by 10mf 350V, 400V Cap 10mf subst for 250V 100mf all OK!
SharpTVC2199BNo high voltageC731
SharpTVC2053No vertical deflectionC618 (470 nF 250V), R618 (68 R 1 W)
SharpTVC2053InoperativeC713 (1 nF 400 V), CI701 (TDA8380) and FET 2SK2139
SharpTVC2040Zener of open sourceCI STK73908
SharpTVC1453InoperativeA zener diode (8.2 V) of the short-MP101
SharpTVC1430AHoriz strip at the top of the screenC520
SharpTVC11691 / BSource does not care sometimesC709 (2,2 mF 50 V)
SharpTVC11690HIntermittent operationQ702 (2SD713)
SharpB-2040InoperativeR601 (R 330)
Sharp14R12InoperativeFly-back and Q602 (25D1554)
SharpC-2030-AVertical line, with soundC626 (0.39 mF 400V), R618 (R2 100 W) and R619 (idem)
SharpC-2016Picture judder verticallyC509 (220 mF 16 V)
SharpC-2011-BS / redQ851 (2SC2229)
SharpC-2010-BHorizontal lineR741 (1 R)