THOMSON Repair Tips

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Thomson 24WK24U ICC17 Set is tripping with flashing from the red standby lightShort the collector of TL71 to earth, if the set comes on you will find the frame chip is blown and ZL11 cp is o/c. If the set still wont come on them the LOPT is suspect
Thomson TX91 PLL will not lock for all frequencies keeps running during program search, on screen display moving / unstableChanged the tuner and the STV8224 also check transistor at location TV02 is ok
Thomson 28WR23EG ICC17 AV1, AV2 are fine but AV3 do not work. Picture may be ok but no soundReplace BA7604N, and check CX64 47pF
Thomson ICC17 Standby led fault codes and meanings list / standby led flashes then pausesCode meanings are as follows: 10 = child lock mode, 11 = timer mode, 14 = there is no response from Iv01, 15 = there is no response from IS40, 20 = bus access prohibited by software, 21 = bus data line held low, 23 = bus clock line held low, 25 = switched 5v supply missing, 26 = crt is not warming in the allotted time, 27 = deflection failure more than three times, 28 = IF01 guard voltage pin 8 exceeded, 34 = no response from the nvm chip IR03, 36 = incorrect address passed to bus handler, 37 = unexpected level on NMI line power fail, 41 = bus data line not recoverable
Thomson 28WS23E ICC17 Set trips off int. Set tries to come on then goes back to standbyDry joints on line o/p transformer
Thomson ICC20 Set tries to start three times, HV comes up for a short moment. After this LED is blinking first four times, then seven timesChange vertical chip TDA8177F and the four diodes in front of it
Thomson TX807 EHT at switch on then goes deadFrame i.c. s/c TDA8177
Thomson 28WS23E ICC17 At switch on set starts-up with lots of sparks inside CRT socket, then switches to standbyReplace FBT - HR 8317. There is a repair kit available from Thompson for this , which includes a new loptx, tuning caps and a couple of coils. There are also some surface mount resistor value changes. It's Pt. no: 35175720
Thomson 24WK25US ICC17 No/Low contrast after EHT flashoverCheck/replace TL02 and TL59 in the beam limiter circuit
Thomson TX807 Plain raster, retrace lines, no soundProblem in vif board, Resistor 68 ohms to +b supply line 12V
Thomson 28VK-44ENo start-up when cold, warm OKChanges CP198 47uF, 16v. Secondary Power supply
Thomson RP46East-west and north-south bowing. Really bad convergenceThe extra power supply is not working. Check R18 on primary side. It should read 220Kohm
Thomson ICC17 Picture lacking in contrast and brightnessThe symptoms suggested a beam limiter fault, replacing transistor TL02 BF422 which was found to be leaky produced excellent pictures
Thomson Ferguson14CB25UT C3615UTNo pic - sound ok but reverts to st/by aft 5-10secsDL07-BY228 in e/w stage
ThomsonW7023U ICC17Dead with front LED blinking 2 then 7 timesIn prot mode - brown gunge around LOPTx. Fit replacement (comes a s a kit) pt no 35123670