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Sanyo CE28WN4B
Procedure to disable protection mode for fault findingThe protection mode can temporarily be disabled to prevent the set going into standby during fault finding by disconnecting R648 note: safety procedures must be followed !!
Sanyo CBP2580
The word "factory" in a red box is permanently displayed on screen and sound volume goes from 0% to 50% to 100%Enter service mode, go down to nvm and press volume plus on remote
Sanyo 21BN1
Dead, l.e.d. litR620 o/c. R621 and R620 replaced both 120K
Sanyo VHR-796E
DeadPR512 in the PSU was o/c
Sanyo C25EG95B EC3-A25
Dead set no start upReplace R321 120K
Sanyo CE32WP2 WB2-A32
Dead set, standby L.E.D litCheck capacitor C634 2n2, 2KV in power supply for o/c or s/c
Sanyo AVM1902 G4S-19020
Intermittent horizontal deflectionResoldered the pins of horizontal deflection transformer
Sanyo VHR287E
Cuts out on record and clock blinks out other wise OKReplace PR512 JS130 Light brown 1000 on side near front of PSU next to Q5103
Sanyo VHR766
Completely dead, no displayReg IC511 faulty L5431. Replaced solved all problems
Sanyo CEP2190M
No soundIC901 TDA4935 blown due to excessive supply voltage, capacitors C619, C623, C810, C600, C601, C859 defective. Also verify R822
Sanyo CEP3011V-30 A1-B14
After switching on, no longer able to switch-off with remote control, standby light comes on with sound muted. Original remote control: RM-700Opto-coupler PC113 faulty
Sanyo Spectra 2000
Picture had only wide screen effectFound set on the street ! beautiful little 14" tv, still looks like new, replaced 33uF, 160v cap in power circuit as it was bleeding its guts onto the pcb, has worked perfectly ever since !
Sanyo VHR776E
DeadCheck and replace PR512 which is located towards the front right hand side
Fonte AltaR552 alterado
Faixa escura do lado direitoDIODO ZENER-D351-15V
Sanyo ED1
Unable to change chans via front or r/cAdjust G2 volts - micro tied up due to low emiss crt
SanyoED1 CBP2872
No colourPVPU2204 chip
SanyoED1 CBP2572
Service mode access1). Press and release memory key (diamond) on front panel. (Factory shows on screen) 2). Press Index/Menu key on remote control within 5 seconds. The first tab on the serv.. menu was highlighted allowing me to enter the configuration code (I had been told 02014 was required) directly from the keypad. Pressing the remote menu key again changed the on screen display to the next tab heading "Geometry" with a list of features HO, SO, SI, AO, YO, etc............ with the top one HO being highlighted and vertical amplitude and a number written alongside. Sure enough operating either VOL+ or VOL- enabled adjustment of the on screen number and the vertical size of the picture displayed. To alter the next parameter, press the sound button [under the volume + button] to highlight the next tab down. The recommended values are as follows; CONFIGURATION NO. 02014 SETS SOUND INTERCARRIER/STANDARD ETC. HO 02140; SO 01012; S1 00081; AO 00186 YO 00050; PO 15861; ZO 01369; P1 01665 Z1 00087; SP 00009
SanyoED1 CBP2572
Field collapse at top of screenC460/461 1000µ 25v, C408 4µ7 50v, IC401 TDA8172 & R464 1R 1w
trips twice then offTDA1521 audio o/p chip IC390 leaky