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ITT ITT 3362 Pico 2/ST3 Tv dies after running for a few secondsReplace 4.7uF capacitor in the switching power supply unit!
ITT/Nokia636UInt resorts to st/by - field coll noticed aft few timesScan coil connection broken - repair
ITTVC301Sync - no sync - noisy volume , eht arcedR100 ( 1MR ) o/c.
ITTTX3446Line tearing & int sound muteC209 10µ & C231 0µ47 in tuner
ITTTX3446Dead - Chopper tr s/c & Fu01 shatteredC712 10µ 400v
ITTTX3446Blank rasterComp vid present on dig vid board - ok entering VCU2100A vid codec chip but no o/p - chip faulty
ITTTX3437 Comp BDead - fuse Ok.On/off switch o/c.
ITTTX3426 Comp BNo colour.C891 s/c , IC800.
ITTTX3426 Comp BDead - 1 clunk then standby LED fades out.LOPTX D050/37.
ITTTX3326 Mono BNo text - green text light always on.DPU2541 IC ON TEXT PCB
ITTTX3325 2-ST2White raster - sound ok.Replace D504 , D505 & R514.
ITTTX3325 2-ST2Tripping ( fast ) at switch on then dead.D702 5v1 zener , R716.
ITTTX3325 2-ST2Bright raster & flyback lines.Short circuit in CRT.
ITTTX3325 2-ST2Blank raster.D402 s/c.