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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
DaewooCMC1427X1UnfocusedFlyback (adapted a focus kit)
Daewoo Video Combi Model: GB14F7T1Smoke came out of vents, then shut downSmall pin hole in line output transformer type FSA36012M
Daewoo CP775 Dead - faint ticking from PSULOPTx faulty - check Q401 D18809a4 aka 2SD1880 for s/c and D406 for s/c
Daewoo CP785 No pictureReplace IC TDA8385J
DaewooTVC14VPDead - led flashes red/greenR817 o/c
DaewooT512Poor greyscale tracking .C504 sc
DaewooT200Trips 3 - 4 times then deadC807 120µ 400v
DaewooT200St/by only - relay clicks okC410 1nf 2kv in lop stage smoking & faulty
DaewooT140Dark pic - non existent until A1 turned upC542 10n 3kv on crt base int
DaewooN/KRainbow raster - sound okField o/p chip faulty
DaewooGB5582TXPick fades out maybe once a weekDry joints LOPTx heater pin
DaewooGB2898STSt/by onlyC815 1000µ 25v o/c
DaewooGB2898STSound only - no line driveR820 feed to 12v & 8v feed should be 2R - was 10R in this case
DaewooGB2898STno picture - sound, heaters, EHT were OK.Decoupling cap C417 4n7 400v leaky
DaewooGB2898STNo e/w correctionQ404, next to the E/W o/p tr 2SC3198 leaky