PHILIPS Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Philips24CF5376TVC15Vertical instable, little flutuaction in pictureReplace C2312 (1uF/63V) near TDA2579Andrew
Philips29PT4635Deadcheck/replace opto couplerBaguatech
Philips20GB 120A / 78Stand-by LED is illuminated when it reacts remote triggers flashing and getting back on. Normal voltage + B.Replace fly back
Philipsvr799not start, so the clock appears, and a trace on the side, in this key lockensure the power key for 10 sec, the remote
Philips20ct6055Just drizzler103
Philips20glNow connected either did not care.replace the flyback and fly winding horizontal.Causa output shorted broke the horizontal output.
Philips7CM5279Clear screen with lines retraceR3570 (R 0.68)
Philips4CM5299Ok image at 640x480 but moves p / right 800x600Change C2505 3.3 uF for 4.7 uf. Located on pin 10 of IC7502 (HEF4538 detector mode)
Philips4CM5299Very large imageCheck BD677
Philips3CM9609InoperativeR3121 (W 1 K 270)
Philips201B10No sync horiz in exchange for resolutionC2431 (150 nF 63V)
PhilipsTape-deck 06AC060Dead in a canalTS432A, TS432B, C760 and R606
PhilipsAW-620 tape deckPlay does not workTS461 (BC328)
PhilipsAW-620 tape deckLeds deletedD363 (zener 8.2 V 400 mW)
PhilipsVR-457/78Dead open F901CP1101 (fusible link ICPN15), D955, Q901 (2SK2129)