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Philips L6 Series
Vertical lines are not straight when picture is very bright or has white text contentReplace resistor 3420 in the beam current circuit 12k or 15k replaced with an 18k
Philips 27CE4599-33R 2A
No sound, with sound at maximum you can hear a weak noiseChange IC7102 U2830B if found, if not U2829B, this IC is located on the sound demod pcb
Philips VR723 LUCY
Power supply LSM-45 would not start up after power failureCooling down of the machine during the power outtage triggered the problem: inside the supply module excessive heat is present that causes components to age rapidly, especially those that are located close to the heatsink. Replaced cap. 2116 100nF, 400V
Philips VR722 LUCY
LSM-45 power supply faulty after power failureReplaced elco 2112 100µF, 385V and capacitor 2116 100nF, 400V. See also my tip about the philips VR-723 Cooling down during power outtage. Cheers
Philips 14PV163
Reverts to standby from switch on via TV or VideoNo 5v rail because FET MTP3055 o/c. BUZ71 will do nicely
Philips 14GR1221 GR1AX
Procedure to enter or exit hotel mode child lockPut the set on programme 38, press either store and pr - to lock and store and vol - to unlock, or, press pr - and vol + to lock and unlock, press buttons on the set not remote
Philips GR2.2AA
Dead, no line oscilation, power supply and line output stage are OKCheck / replace C2549 390 or 470nF / 400V and C2545 1n5 or 1n2, 2000v
Philips GR2.2AA
Does not work after LOT has been changedCheck / change D6561 also change the TDA2579B if there are any sync problems
Philips GR1AX
Sometimes does not start up from cold, but starts well from power off or standby after a few minutesAfter checking all PSU components and consulting many colleagues, casually the tip of my iron touched the body of T2628 BF423 and the set started. After more then 20 attempts, I realised that this transistor became intermittent when cold
Philips Various
Sound but no pictureHave found on some Philips s if they are older then 15 years that a 2.7r resistor close to the HT transformer goes open, resulting in sound but no picture
Philips 28PW6005 A10
Changes to ext 1 when watching tv ok with video inputIC7064 defective, replace it. Philips best nr= 311125054501. price = 48 euro, after replacement the smart settings have been set to 255 read the instruction note for this software!! Code number instruction note = 996500013923
Philips CP110
Vertical ripples on horizontalsReplaced C2633 100µF, 25V
Philips CP110
Image appeared after a 5-20 minutes, sound was choppy when changed by the remoteReplaced C2690 100µF, 50V with a 100µF, 63V type, this is located on the small overvolt board in the power supply area
Philips GR2
Sound but no pictureCheck the LOT cable for short circuit
Philips 21PT166B/00 AA5 AB
No drive to LOP transistorMiddle sections checked OK. Carefully scoping the TDA8361's Hor. output showed gnd level to be at +0.8v not enough to drive next stage. Change the TDA8361
Philips GR2.2AA
Protection circuit operating intermittentlyDiode 6592 was found to have leakage causing voltage to protection circuit to be too high, Should be 23 - 28mV
Philips ANUBIS A
Low ContrastC2448 47uF, 200v open circuit
Philips 21PT5505/05 L9.1E
The fault with this tv was a snowy picture no channels tuned in also the permanent 33V supply on pin 9 of the tuner was low at only 1.6VThe first thing i tried was a resistance check between pin 9 and ground. The reading was only 120 Ohms. There's a surface mounted cap right next to pin 9 of the tuner. This was found to be leaky, It's value is 47nF. Also resistor 3442 3.9K was o/c
Philips 14PT1352/58 L6.1AA
Sound goes off and no remote control functions when heatedThis was found to be due to a faulty micro
Philips CTN-BB
Dead. F1500 o/c, mosfet s/cMosfet T7525 shorts, due to smoother cap C2505 goes low capacity. IC7514 TDA4605 must also be replaced