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Jvc HRD720Noise bar in playback, looks like error in the guides adjustmentThe problem is the 3.3uf capacitor in the drum motor. This generates Pg signal errors. Replace it and give me a smile !
Jvc AV25SD4EKStandby LED changes from Red to Green as normal, but no picture or sound. Set appears not to come out of standbyCheck for dry joints on the line output transformer tags. Resolder all as a precaution anyway
Jvc HRD750DeadThis was due to C14 1uF, 63v in p.s.u being faulty, replaced with a 2.2uF, 63V
Jvc AV21F1ENChannel reception lost if tuner socket movedDry joints on IC522, IC521 and IC541 located in the big heatsink about middle of the main pcb
Jvc C14E1EKDead, in standby, HT present at relay RLX401, no 12 volts at C419R425 5.6ohm o/c, ZD402 12 volt zener s/c and C426 2200uF, 25volt faulty
Jvc HRD5603/4 of the playback picture is snow may look like duff heads!Check 3.3uF,50v capacitor on lower drum motor pcb, this is an smd type but can be replaced with standard cap mounted on its side and tilted downwards slightly to clear mech
Jvc AV-S250EKTSet dead. Faint whistling noise on switch on. No standby LEDReplaced STR1006, no dfference. Line O/P Transistor OK. 36 Volt Zener, D614 found to be short. This zener is on the secondary of Xformer, T601. This short causes the 12 V start up supply cct, which includes STR1006 not to come on
Jvc C14ET1EK ONWA Picture height is reduced to 2 inchesReplace C418. It's the coupling capacitor from the frame circuit to the scanning coils. It's value is 1000uF, 25V
Jvc HRJ265Capstan motor intermittantly stopping and startingReplaced motor
Jvc HRJ610DeadTransistor Q31 in PSU leaky
Jvc C14E1EKTuning drift,worse at high channel no'sDry joints inside tuner unit, connections between edge of pcb and lugs
Jvc AV28WZ2Blank rasterReplace defective TDA6111Q for Red, Blue and green
Jvc HRD750Tracking does not lock. Picture runs up and down occasionallyVery Small electrolytic caps on the drum circuit board must changed They may be the bigger can type, if you don't find small ones
Jvc AV25S1EKField collapseResolder TDA3654 as joints appear good but on application of soldering iron show to be dry
Jvc HRJ205Dead, no negative voltages on psu connectorCheck R32 100 ohms in psu for o/c