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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
CCEhps 1403rd 2004reduced frameexchange cond.74mfx160v coming out of the 115v supply this generally used, or leaking
CCE1492sometimes not startexchange all around the cond.da str, or see quebrdo pin regulator 7809, or tr + vcc the tda8374 or 8363
CCEhps2004Reduced screenAlmost always caused by Q501Ligado on pin 35 of Ic503
CCESS-5880 3in1SoundlessIC901 (TA7417AP) and Q902 (BC547)
CCEVCR-86XNo color in NTSCRegulator 7806 font
CCEVCR-30XIt does not workC806 (47 mF 100 V) and C807 (idem)
CCEVCR-10XOnly flashes when turningC615
CCEHPS-2070Horizontal lineCI1301 (LA7837)
CCEHPS-2070Dead, blown fuseD807, IC705 and IC801
CCEHPS-1491S / image right after turningQ703
CCEHPS-1485Powers off and on at randomC499 (1 mF 250 V)
CCEHPS-1480S / contrast adjustmentD290, D704
CCEHPS-1465S / channel changeIC LA7910
CCEHPS-1465S / s image / soundC413 (330 pF)
CCEHPS-1430 RPoor vertical deflectionC356 (1000 mF 35 V) and C357 (100 mF 35 V)