TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ToshibaVAS 2080Vertical closedMissing + B voltage on pin 6 CIQ303, C323 with fulga, Q501 pifado, trimpot R35 open, or yock defective
Toshibatv2987accidental change of stby mode in service modestby open the circuit and enter the service mode and reconfigure the address of the EEPROM with the help of the Service Manual
Toshibatv 2996stv with noise on speaker, delay on start.replace flyback
Toshiba1470Ewithout tension + bD821 it wont be short, he is the source.
Toshiba1470E+ B to 65V or so.D811 with fuga.obs``esta tip serves to TV in 2070 as well.
Toshiba1470Ewith B + and does not work.D826 air that kills the 9v
Toshiba1470Ewith B + and does not work.
ToshibaV412TEject slow and sometimes stoppingCI and motor loading
ToshibaMX 61 MPlay sound, no pictureQ416, Q419 and Q420. And set head
ToshibaMX 41 MColorlessC421 (0.01 mF)
ToshibaTS-167S / image c / soundC902
ToshibaTS-147Ripples in the imageC810 (240 mF 400 V)
ToshibaTC-164Insufficient vertical widthC315
Semp Toshiba-TVC 206Horizontal lineQ303 (2SB546A) Q304 (2SD401A) and R330 (1.2 K)
Semp Toshiba-TV 1470Green screen w / white linesCI501 (TA8718N)