GRUNDIG Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Grundig GV400 / GV440Display shows "locked" sometimes Timer is blinkingCassette loading is at fault, replace loading gear complete
Grundig M70-1690 CUC6369 Dead, SI621 1.6amp blown apartReplace SI621 1.6A, SI601 2.5A, D620 B380 C2000/1500 REC, T644 IRFBC40 mosfet, IC631 TDA4605-3, C633 100uF,25v, this was caused by dry joints on C648
Grundig 8214Poor linearity / Vertical deflection problemsCheck +D voltage on pin 12 of the vertical deflection module. If this voltage is less then 35V or has ripple replace C628 3300uF, 50V, also check fuse SI627 T3,15A. Sometimes this fuse has resistance causing a voltage drop across it
Grundig CUC3500 No sound AV-Mode sound okReplace IC2210 U2829
Grundig CUC4400 E.H.T very weird, E.H.T. transformer makes strange sound, no imageMeasure pin 1 of the TDA2579, if there are vertical pulses then measure pin 11 of the TDA2579 for hor. pulses, If missing, or voltages are very low Mv replace the IC. The ref. voltage on pin 12 will be present if the TDA2579 works correctly. Measure on pin 10 of the PS
Grundig CUC4400 No image from tuner. Image from AV input rgb is rolling over the screen no synchronisationCheck if teletext is present at the top of the screen. If this is ok replace the TDA5931 normally the sound will also be missing
Grundig ST82-675/9 TOP CUC6380 Dead set, TrippingLOPTX short circuit between most pins!
Grundig VS500VPSAll power is oscillatingSelect 4934 on remote then 0000 key, should then clear
Grundig P55449 CUC4401 Dead but comes on when warmReplace C633 100uF in the p.s.u
Grundig CUC2080 After replacment of FBT, the set starts and reverts to standby mode immediately. If the Crt heater is fed by an external transformer i.e. 6 V. a/c, the screen will show a very weak light, except in the corners13V. was present on pin 11 of V. output IC TDA8350Q during the brief moment when the set tried to start. The TDA8350Q was found to be defective and was replaced. Don't forget to check +A voltage after replacing the FBT
Grundig M70-495 CUC-3800 Dead setI replaced the BU546 transistor in the power supply and resoldered some paths on the PCB. An intermittent soldering path to the collector of the transistor was the reason for the destroyed BU546
Grundig ST82-774 TOP/EURONot starting, power supply working perfectly display presentReplaced the horizontal deflection power driver ic TDA8140
Grundig CUC6310 No east-westCheck R569, TDA8145, D566
Grundig T55-731 CUC7303 / FET TYPE Dead bridge and chopper transistor s/cIf no D663 fitted this is version 2 has fet and UC3843. Failure of p.s components caused by C669 dry jointed. Check/change FET BUZ90, D667 BA157, R661 4.7k not 220r version 1, R666 and R667 56r 1w, R663 10r and the UC3843. All values for 20"
Grundig M82-795 CUC7880 Dead, 800mA fuse blownCheck for dry joints on the chopper transformer also check D663, D664, D666, C653 4.7nF and C667 2.2uF