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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
PhilcoPB17A2image with lateral distortionR 905 22k
PhilcoPC-2004 PC-1401not tune channelsresistor 22K amended metal film
PhilcoPC-2004 PC-1401Source does not move10k resistor metal film
PhilcoPCM 1444Run 5 minutes and then toR-716 100K Changed
PhilcoPCM 1444Micro latch and is sobbing tv, tv is emitting flashes on the screenR713 100K 1% open dry C-715
Philco20R38No OffR-723 Open
Philco1443It has all the tensions will not turn overMicro clock crystal
PhilcoPCR 2049Sizzling red imageC401 of 820pf
PhilcoPCM 2046Do not turn off the remote controlQ901 and Q904 shorted
SamsungSyncMaster 753SInoperativeIC601 (DP704C)
SamsungSyncMaster 500No picture, LED flashes, cracklesCheck Q409, D412, D404, D405, Q411, Q412, Q413
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEOutput voltages of bad source and without adjustment to VR601Check D626, ic602, IC603, IC601
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NENo picture, no high voltageCheck IC201, IC401, C401-C410, R698, L403, D406, T402, Q407-Q411, C476, C477, C462, D410, D411
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NENo power, fuse F601 OKCheck L601, L602, IC601, Q601, IC604, IC605, R602, R603, Q602, D610, C616
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NENo power, open fuse F601Check the d601 D604, C601 C604 to, IC601, Q601, C607, C608