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Philips Vid Combi Model: 14PV505/07
Dead set, no red standby light on the front panelCheck D639, on the secondary of the chopper transformer, it supplies the 8Volt line, and goes s/c. Fuses remain in tact
Ferguson T49F TX91
Sound at maximum and unadjustableCheck / replace surface mounted transistor TV02 BC858 on the print side of the pcb
Sanyo VHR287E
Cuts out on record and clock blinks out other wise OKReplace PR512 JS130 Light brown 1000 on side near front of PSU next to Q5103
Grundig CUC5350
Goes to standby after a short timeReplace C631 1uF, 63v
Lg CZ-20E60 11.1
Stuck in standby with no line driveR410 o/c
Goldstar MC41
No powerReplace Q805 2SC3852A
Rca F35670MB CTC187CN3
Dead. F4001 5 amp fuse openCheck U4101 STK730-150 Part no. 223948, Check CR4106 for short, Check Q4401 for short, replace all shorted or open parts, Check the two main filter caps on the secondary off of SMPS, replace vented caps, Replace 10uf 200v cap off of reg.
Rca F35670MB CTC187CN3
Common problem bulletin:Resolder ALL ground connections in and around, and under the tuner shields, solves most problems, prevents big problems as in dead EEPROM or CPU
Saba ICC8
Poor picture colors flashing looks like one colour missingChange RT44 39K beside the video amplifier
Thomson 28WS23E ICC17
Set trips off int. Set tries to come on then goes back to standbyDry joints on line o/p transformer
Sharp 5BSA
Small pictureReplace D716 27V and D717 75V
Daewoo CP785
No pictureReplace IC TDA8385J
Toshiba V880MS
DeadCheck C822, Z801, Z802 CPN10
Thomson ICC20
Set tries to start three times, HV comes up for a short moment. After this LED is blinking first four times, then seven timesChange vertical chip TDA8177F and the four diodes in front of it
Vestel 11AK18
Procedure to enter service modeGo to main menu,then enter 1675
Philips 25PT452A/11 GR2.2
Picture wide and tripingChange D6591 s/c 1N4148
Hitachi CPT1446R NP84CQ
H.T fluctuations, picture becomes half white and half black. H.T varies from about 80V to 110VReplace ZD902. It's a 10V zener diode
Teac CTM203 PC04A
No PowerCheck / Replace power switch, it read zero ohms at contacts - however carbon build-up stops p.s.u. from starting
Goldstar CIT2180
Frame foldover, line across middle of screenC301 47uF, 160v
Sony KV-X2183E BE3B
Not working, Stand-by indicator led flashing 6 times, Power supply okThe tuner has loose connections, especially the ground points and the two SMD Ic´s