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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEVertical lineCheck C453, C462, C463, D410
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEHorizontal lineCheck C301-C303, C435, C436, IC401, R310, IC301, C310, C311
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEBad width and does not adjustCheck IC402-1, IC402-2, Q421, Q412, Q413, C451
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEVertical distortionCheck C306, C308, C310, C312
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEThe dead panel controlsCheck IC201
SamsungSyncMaster 15Ge, 15GLe, 4NEDead contrast controlCheck Q173, Q172, D174, Q181, Q182, IC101
SamsungSyncMaster 3NENo pictureD505
SamsungSyncMaster 3NEInsufficient widthC422 (2.8 nF 1.6 kV)
SamsungCVM4967TShaky imageC302 (0.68 mF 35 V)
SamsungCVM4967PDead, burning horizontal output transistorFlyback and horizontal output transistor
SamsungCVM4967PImage on the screen from the bottomVertical output IC (LA7838)
SamsungCVM4967No pad adjustmentC207
SamsungCVM496 P * and P * CVM478Picture rolls p / p or up / downCheck Q301, Q302, D303-D305, C308, IC301. Adjust VR304
SamsungCLV495No high voltageCheck T402, R434, Q402, C421, C423, D406, D409, D410