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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
SamsungCBQ4147Not a source ofOff pin 6 of IC102. Breaks, replace IC102. If unsuccessful, check transistor horizontal output, D618, IC301, Q602, R622. Replace IC601
SamsungCQA4147, -4143, -4153No power. Power supply whistlesCheck OP601, C609, D611, D610, C610, Q601, ic602, D618, C626, D619, C644, C627, C630, D620, C629, D621, C631, IC603, Q607, C640, D622, C632, D605, D606, C605
SamsungCQA4147, -4143, -4153Dead, FH601 fuse OKCheck D614, C618, Q603, D613, C618, R616, R617, IC601, Q602, D607, D609, Q602, OP601
SamsungCQA4147, -4143, -4153Fuse open FH601Check PTC601, d601-D604, C604, R603, Q602, R622, C613, D608
SamsungCQA4147Transistor output horizontal burning after exchangeSwap C418, D406 check. If OK, replace T402
SamsungCQA4147No vertical syncCheck D202 and D206
SamsungCQA4147No horizontal syncCheck D201, D202. If OK, replace Q205 or IC201
SamsungCQA4147No contrast adjustmentIC101 (LM1203)
SamsungCQA4147No picture, high voltage OK, G2 voltage above 300 VCheck voltage on pin 12 of the LM1203. If <2 V check Q203, Q501 and D501. If> 2 V exchange IC101
SamsungCQA4147No picture, high voltage OK, 0V in G2Change C117
SamsungCQA4147Large image, excessive brightness, horizontal output transistor burns after exchangedCheck Q408
SamsungCQA4147Very large image, normal brightnessCheck Q406 and D407
SamsungCQA4147Main fuse burningCheck Q602, d601, D602, D603 and D604
SamsungCQA4147Source only part after some timeC609 and C616 Change
SamsungCQA4147Not a source ofCheck R616, R617, Q403. Change Q403