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SonyICF7750WL17 NEEDED REDRESSING No weather band reception and dead carriers at intervalsacross high VHF band. Only sound of 2 local TV stations came through.
SonyICF7750WLEADS BECOME LOOSE No sound intermittently because the audio output transformerby its very weight had caused its secondary leads to become unsolderedfrom the board. If this transformer were held in place by tabs as aretransformers used in color TV's, this problem, I feel,
SonyICF7370WMISSING SWITCH ARM Radio would not switch from FM to PSB band.
SonyHST49LEAKY CAP Unit came in with no AM and no FM. The amplifier and tapeportion works fine. Checked B+ at Pin 7 of IC101 and found 18.5V (nocurrent draw by IC). Replaced IC101 (CX-168), still no AM or FM.
SonyHST49DEFECTIVE TUNING CAP After 15 minutes of operation, AM section stops operating.
SonyHST49DEFECTIVE Q901 Output IC (501, 601) failure. A hole was found in IC's afterthey failed.
SonyHST49INCORRECT P/N Service manual shows P/N 1-548-091-XX for tape counter, thiscounter will not mount in unit.
SonyHST48DEFECTIVE IC HA1350S Unit turns on but no sound from speaker A or B channel. Ifnew speakers are plugged in they will blow because of 28 volts comingthrough defective HA1350S output IC. This also pertains to the HST-68 andHST-69.
SonyHMK339MISSING PART NUMBER Part designated as spring plate on exploded view Page 32 ofS/M has no part number. -HQ COMMENTS: The part number is 3-554-215-00.
SonyHMK339DEFECTIVE RUBBER ON REEL ASSEMBLY The take up reel does not take up the tape properly. Tapeballs up between capstan and take up reel, and get damaged. This iscaused by lack of pressure between drive pulley and take up reel rubbersurface.
SonyHME228WRONG VALUE CAP INSTALLED No separation in stereo. All voltages looked OK - factoryerror.
SonyHP219ABOARDS HAVE CHANGED Manual lists the part number as K-006-048-10, part beingreceived is K-0660-481-0. -HQ COMMENTS: The servo amplifier and DC motor set has been changed andthe former set is no longer available. The part number of the set(K-066-048-10) remains the same.
SonyCFSD7LEVER NEEDED BENDING Solenoids would click but tape mechanism would not move.Lever A would rise over cam gear A causing the mechanism not to bepushed down into gear.
SonyCFSD7LINK LEVER BINDING Cannot place tape deck in any mode. Forward LED on all thetime.