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SonyCFS55DEFECTIVE R308 AND SWITCH B+ section of switch malfunctions either on tape or radio orboth at same time, also affects battery operation. R308 was also open.
SonyCFS55DEFECTIVE LOCK PLATE Buttons jammed up, lock plate too soft.
SonyCFS45BELT COMES OFF Tape would not move in any direction. Found belt off motorpulley.
SonyCFM31BRIDGE ON PCB The only function that did not work was AM.
SonyCFM31LEVER BREAKS Customer forces record lever down, forcing lever (A) againstlever (B) which breaks or shears lever (A) pivoting stud which is a partof sub-chassis. Also this forces FF lever up breaking its guide postwhich is also a part of sub-chassis.
SonyCF550INCORRECT SUB-MOTOR SUPPLIED Original motor (8-834-009-01) requires 3 mounting holes whilesub-motor 8-834-009-10 needs 2. -HQ COMMENTS: Correct sub-motor number is X-354-931-41.
SonyCF520MOTOR WILL NOT RUN R401 opens. Motor will not run.
SonyALL AUDSUBSTITUTE TRANSISTOR IS INCORRECT The substitute transistor for 2SD667, listed as 2SA768 onfisch card and in the computer is wrong. -HQ COMMENTS: The only substitute is 2SD667A. This has been correctedin the 1988 Substitution Book.
SonyALL TVPREPLACEMENT HEADS COME WITHOUT MOUNTING SCREWS Replacement heads come without mounting screws.
SonyALL TVPSERVICING IS DANGEOURS The entire inverter power supply is directly connected to theAC line. When troubleshooting the power supply circuits, an isolationtransformer must be used.
SonyTCK96RDRIVE SLIDER TAB NEEDED TO BE BENT Door was jammed. Cass. transport locked up in play mode,consequently eject mode would not work. Found 2 roller pins (P/N 3-558-448-00) had become misaligned.
SonySTRV55DEFECTIVE CAPACITOR Interstation noise on AM and FM. Receiver will not scan orselect stations via memory presets. All segments of display tube lit up.
SonySTR7800CLEANING/REPLACING TUNING CAPACITOR Extreme static on FM tuning knob is sensitive. Over thephone it sounded like a poor ground (intermittent). The dealer is ina very humid area.
SonyPSX40HALL DEVICE/OFFSET OUT OF ADJUSTMENT After power was applied and start/stop button pressed, turn-table had a washing machine action.
SonyCFM31SHORTED CONNECTION The only function that did not work was AM.