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Philips10CX1120Dead.T9629 ( BUZ71 ) s/c , plus drys around LOPTX.
Philips10CX1120Dead on battery - ok on mainsC23 1æ in psu - also D37 o/c causing 8v supply to be slightly high (did not affect operation)
Philips10CX1120Chan display "88", slight tuner drift, no chan change, pic goes dark, sound drops, won't sw on from cold, screeching from LOPTx & LOPTr gets hot etcLine ripple on supply lines due to pin 12 LOPTx high resistance connection to chassis earths
Philips10CK1120DeadT9629 BUZ71 s/c due to dry joints LOP stage
Philips1002Dead - 140v/285v rail ok.R561 ( 2 2R ) high.