GRUNDIG Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
GrundigCUC7303St/by LED blinks (tripping)D667 BA157 -use BA159 in lieu, UC3842 supply rect (measured ok) also check 0R82 res in emitter, 2 x 1N4004 & res 220R & sm LS4148 diodes & HT control for o/c + chopper Tr & IC
GrundigCUC7303off burning smellbad joints mains sw
GrundigCUC7303Led blinks at 1 Hz rate,no start-upChange D667 (BA 157) even if it reads ok!!.
GrundigCUC7303Dead with mains fuse o/cDegauss positor
GrundigCUC7303Dead apart from LED flashingSw mode trnfmr o/c winding between pins 5 & 7 (was able to repair)
GrundigCUC7303Dead - PSU blownChopper tfmr, S2055 LOPTr & FOP chip
GrundigCUC7301/3Dead - PSU blownCaused by dry joint C669 - repair kits available from SEME or CHS also check C626 47u 385v for o/c
GrundigCUC7301 Dead aft few mins - line drive lostBuffer CT169 BC858B sm tr faulty
GrundigCUC7301Vert cogging, line speed int decreases with narrow pic & overheating LOPTrCT169 BC858B sm pre-driver tr (2" back from jungle chip - LOPTx side of scart skt)
GrundigCUC7301Tripping with front led flashingNo HT on dummy load - HT preset R654 470R o/c
GrundigCUC7301St/by onlyC667 100µ 35v
GrundigCUC7301Sound only - burst of line at sw on onlyLine osc at base of Line dr tr - nothing at collector. CT169 line osc buffer BC858B sm faulty. Note - HT is 105v when set working but rises to 129v in st/by or when non operational - normal?
GrundigCUC7301Reduced width and line tearing when TV gets hot.Replace surface mount transistor CT169 BC858B
GrundigCUC7301PSU rebuildCheck mains smoother C626 47µ 385v or PSU may need rebuilding again
GrundigCUC7301Poor regulation of psusm diodes cd 654 and cd656 leaky. They are type LS4148 but standard 1N4148 ,s work ok.