TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ToshibaU12Led BlinkingZD873Replace ZD873 of 5v6V by 6,2V
Toshiba1470Eburning diode 120V.diode 807 and 812 open
ToshibaTV 1482 BAV-U 10BURNING STR F5653Cold welds at source, verify SMD R876 OF 680R
ToshibaU16Return line mute and characters.10V zener diode D412.
Toshiba1449MChanges alone channels without stopping.RA15 (10k) open.
ToshibaTV1488It takes a lot to turn on or league.C887 (100μ35v) and D887 (FR104) font.
Toshiba2996sWhen you call, tension in the F803, reaches 150 volts, tv swings and cuts through zero voltsc819 of 47/50
ToshibaLC 15 / 2010ZNot a source ofCheck the PCI main stage of source if the electrolytic capacitor C356 is changed or solderless terminals
Toshiba2070mage reduced on the sides, and very dark. The source of 114 gave only around 66 Volts.824 C (3.3 x 250 cfu V) ShortReplace C824
Toshiba2998 LEM2After turning is on stand BYMass lacking in the emitter of the transistor Q402welding grounding
ToshibaTV2997SUAlloy works after some time goes blankCOLD WELDING IN TERMINALS 3 TRANSISTOR (2SC3619) Q901, Q902, Q903Ressoldar transistors
ToshibaLC 15 / 2010ZDisplay No Video (Screen all White) and normal audioCHECK: U27 / D40 / C370 / C369D40 leaking, Replace damaged components
Toshiba 2857DB C5SS Blue screen, no sound ok on scart or snow on screen, no sound, no service mode and menu text fluctuates, channels can not be tunedThe tuner was faulty
Toshiba V709B Samsung Very slow rewind / fast forwardCenter Gear assy u/s, cracks and drags on , same will apply to Samsung and some Sony machines etc
Toshiba 217D98Severe field distortionCheck capacitor C317 2.2uF, 50V in linearity feedback circuit