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SAMSUNGT220No power, led offIC601 No 3.3v on pin 3 without 5V on pin 1.Made a jumper pin 5 of CN600 connector to pin 1 of IC601
PhilipsPT220AInoperativeQ7518 (P6NA60)
PhilipsPT220AVenetian effectCI7255 (TDA4661)
MitsubishiCT2207Frame bounce.C403.
MitsubishiCT2206BTuning drift.Q7B5 ( 2SC711A )
MitsubishiCT2206BSound - intermittent.DJ on A352/3 , VR371 ( tone )
MitsubishiCT2206Frame -height reduced & poor line converganceDJ on earth pin of convergence pot.
MitsubishiCT2206Frame height & poor line convergance intermitDJ on earth pin of convergence pot.
MitsubishiCT2206Dead - HT present at LOPBig fusible resistor above LOP Tr sprung open - no other ff