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Ferguson TX92
After replacing the line output TX the set still appears to be trippingTry switching the set on with the remote control. The micro seems to remember the tripping state, the remote control re-setting it
Ferguson TX92
Dead, No LED, 2.5Amp fuse O.K. Some voltages present at BP02 ON/OFF switch connection. 160v at terminal D of TP16. 26v, 200v, 13v lines all zeroReplace TP16 P6NA60FI and diode DP17 BZX55C15
Ferguson TX92
Field fold-over / flyback lines visible at top of screenCapacitor CF30 47uF, 50v
Ferguson TX92F
Set tripping with led flashing on / offMost likely to be RL08 a 10K smd resistor connected to pin 8 of the LOPT. In every case i know of the LOPT also needed replacement HR7360
Telefunken TX92F
Keeps on burning the surge resistor 280ohm 5W in series with the chopper transformerReplace the chopper transfomer it has a short either on the primary or secondary side
Telefunken TX92
Initial rustle of high voltage then nothing, goes to standby, same with remote or front panel controlsR12 burnt out 0.22ohms, replacing this plus the IC01 vertical IC TDA8177 got set working. NB: also check D01 for shorts
Saba 615 TX92F
At startup, synchronisation vertical as well as horizontal is very weak, after max. 15 minutes everything is ok. Sometimes there is no pictureFirst check all capacitors in the power supply. The real problem was spotted in the IF-area, the shielded space near the tuner: replace all capacitors there, especially the 2.2uF/100 volt type. I replaced it with a 3.3uF/100 volt type with excellent results!
Telefunken TX92F
Dark pictureReplace RL03
LED flashing at sw on (prot mode)disable pin 4 of IP 70 IC TDA8139 to over-ride prot cct - shows field coll; IC STV2145 (IF02) was faulty, but still no functs - replaced EEPROM - now bad col with green flashes - jungle chip faulty
ThomsonTX92 28DT73H
Reverts to st/by aft few minsDry joints pins 1 & 2 LOPTx
dead except led pulses from bright red to dim In child lock mode - reqs remote to remove
TelefunkenTX92 MR702
St/by onlyTP60 BC558 s/c, IP AN25TV, CL24 510nF o/c, ZL12 cp in 26v supply o/c
GoodmansTX92 GD2880B
Impurities due to degaus triac not triggeringChange RP40 from 1R to 2R2, CP40 from 470µ 6v3 to 2200µ 16v
GoodmansTX92 GD2880B
Fishnet/herringbone patterning on certain chansFit good quality RF downlead/flylead
GoodmansTX92 chassis
Hotel mode (no tuning menu) - to unlock) turn TV in to standby from remote 2) turn power off from mains on/off switch and wait until led goes off. 3)hold standby button on remote control and power up from on/of switch hold standbye button for about 10 seconds then de/active hotel lock.
GoodmansGD2880D TX92F
Reverts to St/by aft init EHT rush & brief green LEDTL41 BD681 (s.c.), RL47 3.3 ohms, DL21 BY228 ( S.C.), 1.5uF 160V.W. capacitor (o.c.)
GoodmansGD2880D TX92F
Int reverts to st/byDry joints CP13 in snubber
GoodmansGD2580B TX92
Installation menu enteringSw TV to st/by then sw off at mains. Sw on TV whilst holding "P" button in on front until Lang menu appears
GoodmansGD2580 TX92
Int deaddry joints CP13 1nF5 1.6kv
GoodmansGD2580 TX92
E/W settings different at sw on & int reverts to st/byIF02 STV2145